Essential Oils – Great for Pets Too!

december_promo_voPeople ask me how my rescue dog Sadie can be so happy after all that she has been through. Well, the answer is simple.


From the very beginning, essential oils from Young Living have been used on her.


When she arrived at Doctor Jodie’s, she was bathed in them each day and I continued to use them when I took her home.


She is happier and stronger than ever and we have essential oils, in part to thank.


There are many that we used in order to help her through her ordeal and to help her heal.


Copaiba was used for pain and Valor was a must for bravery and self confidence.  Who wouldn’t be a little bit shaky after they were shot twice??


Cypress worked GREAT on her urinary system (she was urinary incontinent when we rescued her).


Sadie loves Young Living essential oils so much that they are now being sold on Sadie’s website!


Sadie’s dog sister, Sparky, also uses essential oils topically for her anxiety during thunderstorms to stop her shaking without the use of sedatives. She uses Peace and Calming and Lavender essential oils.


Using the oils topically is called “Raindrop Technique” –Raindrop Technique is the procedure for applying essential oils to the feet, back and spine. It integrates Vitaflex and massage, utilizing the power of the essential oils in bringing the body into structural and electrical alignment.Raindrop Technique uses a sequence of essential oils that are immune enhancing, support the body’s natural defenses, as well as the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, nervous and other body systems. 

To order your Young Living essential oils click here. Remember a percentage of all essential oil sales will go to Sadie’s rehabilitation.